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About Us

Nelson and TeamAfter investing over 15 years working for other great salons and owners I knew ownership was in the future for me. I was driven to realize what is and isn’t important to me in life. My passion for the beauty industry has led me to understand the commitment it takes to provide the absolute for my clients. Our Motto “Committed to Excellence” is exactly that. Each and every client that comes into the studio will be treated as we would like to be treated. Personalizing the needs of every individual client has proven to be successful. Simply by remembering lengths of hair at different parts of the head, to just knowing if someone has a certain allergy or reaction to smells, product or temperature of water. All of this is then entered into our computer system so all stylists are reminded on the daily designer sheets. These are important things one needs to know when providing a service.

A relationship is created with the client and stylist and many things are said in the chair so we at Austin Phillips Hair Studio practice what I call “The Snippa”. “The Snippa” basically means, “What is said here stays here.” The highest compliment comes when you see clients whom were given their first haircuts by the same stylist who also ends up giving their kids their first time haircuts.

Of course being successful has its price. The long hours and dedication lends itself to missing out on my children’s school activities, such as recitals, teacher conferences, sports activities and events of that nature. Thanks to the wonderful virtue of my lovely wife who is always willing to give it her very best at whatever sacrifice, most of this wouldn’t be possible.

There has to be a balance in life and we at Austin Philips Hair Studio are constantly striving to meet that goal.

So blessed, so thankful, may it all continue.